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Hello! For years, ‘I am New Mexico’ has been a great vehicle for New Mexico culture and cuisine. With Covid-19 and the constantly evolving internet, we’ve decided to offer ‘I am New Mexico Recipes’ on a subscription basis for those who have used our recipes for family gatherings or just to have a piece of the southwest, no matter where you live in the world. It was a hard decision making the change. ‘I am New Mexico’ and ‘I am New Mexico Recipes’ have been a large part of my family’s life for over 6 years, and something that I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into. Over the years, we’ve had over 28 million page views on the website alone, and have reached millions of New Mexican’s, worldwide, for half a decade. By making it 100% New Mexico, and not about me in any regard, it was a blessing as well as a curse within itself. It allowed my wife and me to achieve homeownership, as well a becoming the parents of two wonderful children (eyes getting teary), and allowed me to realize some other great talents that I possessed. While it took a lot out of me to keep ‘I am New Mexico’ up and running, some of the low points allowed me to venture into different artforms that transformed my past endeavors into a generational skill that I can pass on to my children. Becoming a well-known Jeweler at Strange Grain , another venture that I created to make ends meet, essentially, and sort of stuck. My wife, a jeweler and a paralegal for a civil rights law firm, will be accompanying me in a family business in the near future. So, while I’ll also be rebranding that aspect of my life, it would be great to have the support of an audience that I’ve spent thousands of hours building. To continue support, check out some of the things that I’ve created, you may also subscribe to ‘I am New Mexico Recipes’ below, for only $13.99/yr., which will give you 365/24/7 access to all our traditional and New Mexico Inspired recipes. Below, there are also links to our New Mexico inspired apparel,  iPhone/Android cases, and more. 

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