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Taco Tuesday on a Friday at Taco Sal’s

Taco Tuesday on a Friday

Inside the Menu

Hey folks! Happy early New Year! I have the week off from work, so we’ve been using this time as an opportunity to try out some restaurants that are new to us. First on our list was Taco Sal. Have you ever been? We drive by it every few days and we always say that next time we want tacos we need to check it out. We did on Friday and boy were we happy we did! It was totally delicious. No exaggeration. Before placing our takeout order, I read some of the reviews online. Everyone had great things to say about them, but one review in particular caught my eye. This reviewer was raving about the “Super Hot” red and green chile sauce. Super hot, you say? I was intrigued. We LOVE hot chile around here, and we’re always excited when someone says they’ve found some genuinely hot chile. So, I decided to order crunchy beef tacos, a stuffed sopaipilla with beans and a stuffed sopaipilla with carne adovada. I also made sure to ask for the “Super Hot” red and green sauce on the side.

Takeout from Taco Sal

When I walked into Taco Sal I could tell right away this place was legit. And the smells wafting through the air were making my mouth seriously water. Our food was ready right away, which is always a great thing when your stomach is already growling. When I got home we both tore into the bags of food and immediately started pouring the “Super Hot” green chile sauce on our tacos. It was amazing. Really deep solid flavors and it had a major kick to it. Next we ate the sopaipillas with the red “Super Hot” sauce. This, my friends, was hot. And when I say hot, I mean I was fanning my mouth with the nearest piece of paper I could find. But, I couldn’t stop eating it! Even though my mouth was on fire, it was some of the best red chile I’ve had in a really long time. It was SO good. However, they were not exaggerating when they named it “Super Hot”. It is not for the faint of heart. I would love to hear your stories about the “Super Hot” chile. Have you tried it??

Thank goodness Taco Sal is right by our house because this place will become a regular on our list of favorite restaurants. Make your way on over to Taco Sal and try some of the “Super-Hot” chile. Just make sure you bring a large book to fan your mouth with!



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