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Five New Mexico Chile Quarantine Recipes That Your Family Will Surely Enjoy

Let’s face it. Nobody has been home more with their families now than probably at any other time in recent history. One thing that has changed for many is the need for real connections with real people. There’s no other group like your true family to enjoy these five recipes.

1. Carne Adovada

Carne adovada is one of those things that goes great in anything, or by itself, for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In New Mexico, carne adovada is a staple among most hispanic families.

Carne Adovada. Photo by ©I am New Mexico

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2. Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

This amazing green chile chicken enchiladas recipe takes you back before the need of any canned ingredients. We cheated and bought a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. If you have the extra time to rotisserie your own chicken, more power to you.

New Mexico Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas / Photo ©2017 I am New Mexico

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3. Green Chile con Queso

Here’s one of those recipes that you can use on just about anything if you happen to have any leftovers. Not only does it serve as a fantastic dip for your favorite corn chip (I prefer handmade), but you can pour in on a hamburger, dump it on your eggs for breakfast, douse a taco with it… the options are innumerable.

Chile con Queso and Fried Homemade Corn Chips. Photo by ©I am New Mexico

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4. Sopapillas

Sopapillas, like green chile, are one of those things that is New Mexico’s claim to fame. At just about every New Mexican Food restaurant in the state serves them. Warning, if you leave New Mexico, you’ll have to make them from scratch. Enjoy!

Sopapilla and beer. Photo by ©I am New Mexico

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5. Green Chile Stew

Green chile stew is usually made immediately after harvest. Some people have been waiting for a long time at that point, and it’s the perfect meal to warm you up inside. If you’re like me, it doesn’t matter if it’s negative 20 outside or over a hundred degrees in the middle of the summer, I’m having it anyway. It’s going to make you sweat anyway (if the chile is any good). The great thing about green chile stew is that even if there are leftovers, you can always roll up the contents in a homemade tortilla and melt some cheese over it. Put a few eggs on top in any capacity and you’ll be in heaven.

Green Chile Stew

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