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The 19 Pueblos of New Mexico

The 19 Pueblos of New Mexico

(June 3, 2016)—If you’ve ever wanted to take the ultimate expedition through New Mexico, and more importantly, New Mexico history, then you’ll definitely find interest in the following 19 pueblos of New Mexico. If you don’t know anything about Spanish-American History, or Native American History, then you’ve hit the history jackpot from when a time that the Spanish Ruled New Mexico. Basically, the natives fought back and took rule over their own land and forced the Spaniards out. Now, these 19 pueblos are what still stand today. All 19 hold a remarkable pre-Columbian history that will excite the historian in anyone.

Native American culture goes back thousands of years and New Mexico is an epicenter for Native history and artifacts.

If you plan on visiting some of the pueblos, please be mindful of the native culture and respect them while on their land. If you’ve been to one of them, we want to know how your experience was. Leave your comments at the bottom of the following pages. While you’re visiting the pueblos, help support puebloan life by buying some of their food, arts, and crafts.

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Pecos Pueblo / Photo: Will Barnes ©2016

Pecos Pueblo / No Longer inhabited and Not included in the 19 NM Pueblos / Photo: I am New Mexico ©2016