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NM Road Trip #4: 10 Day Trips From ABQ That You HAVE To Take

10 Day Trips From ABQ That You Have To Take

New Mexico is one of the largest states in the United States. To some people, it may not even be a part of the US (Because of their poor geography knowledge). To the people that live here and to the people that are fascinated by it, it is for good reason. With a far more lengthier history than you expected, New Mexico has thousands of years and layers upon layers of historical information that for the most part, has been erased or placed low on our countries past.

Despite our position in American History, it is part of what makes a New Mexican, New Mexican, and what truly makes us the people we are today.

If you’re in Albuquerque for a  day or two, or even if you live in Albuquerque. Hop in the car and take one of these 10 Day Trips.

  1. Gallup

    Gallup is one of the best places you can visit outside of Albuquerque, and it won’t take you long to get there either. It is full of fascinating culture, history, and some of the best Native American Jewelry on the planet can be found here as well. So, bring your camera, your pocketbook, and an empty stomach. There are several eateries in Gallup that will serve your appetite. Just take a trip down the main strip, which is the old rt 66, and you’ll find an array of things to keep you busy for the day.

  2. Jemez Springs

    Jemez Historic Site / Jemez Springs, New Mexico / Photo: ©I am New Mexico

    As long as it’s not a holiday, you’ll have a short and enjoyable drive into Jemez Springs, New Mexico. Known for its healing waters, Jemez Springs is worth a trip. You can picnic and enjoy the scenery, go on a hike, eat at Los Ojos, or have a soak. Whatever it is that you plan to do, bring a smile.

  3. Abiquiu

    Abiquiu Lake with Cerro Pedernal in the distance / Photo by Will Barnes ©2017 I am New Mexico

    Abiquiu is one of those places that you have to bring a good camera. There’s no wonder why Georgia O’Keeffe fell in love with the area. With its rolling hills and red rock landscape, there are loads of adventure, history, and sightseeing in the area. While you’re there, don’t miss the Ghost Ranch. If you brought a rod and reel, there are a variety of fish that you can call lunch.

  4. Las Vegas

    Old Town Plaza / Rough Riders Motorcycle Rally / Photo by Flickr user Birdie Jaworski

    Las Vegas, New Mexico, is the original Las Vegas. It is full of pre-Colombian history, culture, and as always while you’re in New Mexico, food. You won’t want to miss Charlie’s Spic & Span while you’re visiting. They serve some of the best grub in Northern New Mexico.

  5. San Antonio

    Photo by Flickr User Larry Lamsa
    Bosque del Apache

    The most popular time of the year to visit the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge is in late November during the Festival of the Cranes. However, some of the best Green Chile Burgers in the world can also be found in this town and they’re right across the street from each other. So, even if you want to have a really good burger, or visit the refuge, there’s a chance that you’ll leave with a smile.

  6. Pie Town

    Pie Town, New Mexico PIE-O-NEER Cafe / Photo by Larry Lamsa

    What? An entire town focused on pies? Yes! Here in New Mexico, Pie Town is known for its Pie Festival as well as pies. Did I say Pies? Come and see it for yourself
    CBS Sunday Morning – Bill Geist travels to Pie Town:

  7. Pecos

    Pecos Pueblo / Photo by Will Barnes

    Pecos, New Mexico has more history than meets the eye. As a stop on the Spanish Trail, the Pecos area is full of stories. This area of the New Mexico is part of where the Wild West was forged. From ancient times when Pecos Pueblo was still flourishing to the time of its fall. This area is definitely reminiscent of times past. It is covered with old structures and a rusted cast-iron graveyard that scatters the entire area. It is also worth the trip. While you’re visiting, don’t forget to fill up your stomach with some grub from Casa de Herrera Restaurant.

  8. Santa Fe

    Cathedral of St. Francis in Santa Fe, New Mexico / Photo by ©I am New Mexico

    Santa Fe is our capital. It emphasizes our history as a whole and is full of various museums and landmarks that date back to when New Mexico was owned by Spain. If you can’t visit all of the nooks an crannies of New Mexico, USA’s 5th largest state, then just visit Santa Fe. For locals, this probably isn’t the history tour you’re looking for, but Santa Fe still does have world-class New Mexican food, so even if you’re just visiting for the food, there are an array of historic treasures in Northern New Mexico that are a little more obscure.

  9. Magdalena

    Photo by J Clarson / Flickr User

    A town that dates back to cattle driving days of New Mexico, has a unique and significant part of western history and the iconic “Hoof Highway”. This little treasure is tucked away for the adventurous to find. Is that you? Don’t forget to eat at the High Country Lodge while you’re in town.

  10. Los Alamos

    Photo by Ron Cogswell / Los Alamos (NM) / Where Discoveries Are Made

    Home to the historic ‘Manhattan Project’, Los Alamos has always been at the forefront of our countries nuclear and atomic sciences and studies. With an array of museums, you’ll be pleased with the array of knowledge that you’ll be able to take home with you, whether you’ve been a lifelong New Mexico resident or if you’re in for vacation. Los Alamos is definitely a place that doesn’t compare to most of New Mexico’s historic places, but surely worth the trip.