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New Mexico Green Chile vs. New Mexico Red Chile

(September 22, 2016)—There’s no wonder our state question is, “Red or Green?”. In New Mexico, no matter where you go to eat, they’ll ask you this question. Heck, they even have it at your favorite fast food joint. Despite whether you like the rich smoky flavor of roasted green chile, or spicy red chile it’s counterpart, you’ll wonder why there’s even such a thing as a debate between the flavor of the two mouthwatering New Mexico chile colors.

Perea's Breakfast Burrito Smothered in Red and Green Chile

Perea’s Breakfast Burrito Smothered in Red and Green Chile

As far as I’m concerned, if both are available, I’ll have both. Otherwise, I think New Mexico green chile would have to be my go-to choice. My choice in choosing both is because I like to have a particular heat and flavor. Sometimes, if one doesn’t have it—then most likely, the other will.

Throughout the state, no matter where you go, you’ll be persuaded to make the choice. Well, what’s it going to be?

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Despite New Mexico chile being our claim to fame (for good reason), us New Mexicans cannot live without it. They even say we’ll live longer if we eat a lot of it. Maybe this is true? My Grandmother lived to be 93 years old and it was one her favorite things to eat. Growing up in Las Vegas, New Mexico she had her fair share of traditional New Mexico cooking, as did many generations before her.

For many New Mexico families, cooking with chile has been an age long tradition that has been infused into all it’s people for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

If you’re a huge fan of red or green chile, take a look at these great products that will help you show your true colors, or shall we say color.