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Eloy’s New Mexican Restaurant: Does this posole come in gallon size?

(September 20, 2016)—As you all know, there are too many delicious New Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque (as well as every other town in the state) to count. I thought that I had been to the majority of them, but after moving to the Northeast heights last year and trying various new spots over the last few months, I have realized that I hadn’t even come close! Folks, I’m talking about Eloy’s. We would drive by Eloy’s on Wyoming at least twice a week and say to each other “We really need to try that place!”, but we had always either just eaten or were running short on time. Finally, one rainy New Mexico evening we decided to give Eloy’s a shot. From the moment we walked in, we both knew we had found something very special. And the second that I saw that they served posole, I knew what I would be ordering.



I am such a sucker for a bowl (or five) of posole. Day or night, Summer or Winter, I don’t care. It’s probably an addiction and at some point I may seek professional help for it. But, I digress. Back to Eloy’s! Their posole is one for the record books, my friends. The chile is hot, the broth is comforting and soothing, and the bowl overflows with goodness. I’m always tempted to dunk my entire head into the bowl, but I’ve resisted due to a possible chile in the eye scenario. Every time that we’ve gone back to Eloy’s (which has been frequently), I order the posole. Call me boring, but I just can’t help myself. And did I mention the Natillas they serve for dessert? Be still my beating heart! Eloy’s has quickly become a favorite in our house. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the local cuisine comes out hot and fast every time. You can tell how much love and effort they put into every plate (or bowl) of food they serve. Keep up the good work, Eloy’s! We love you.


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