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13 Best Carne Adovada Restaurants in New Mexico

Of all the things New Mexico that we all love, Carne Adovada has to be one of our favorites. With our advanced flavor palettes for good New Mexican food, we always have our radars on for good food. Some of us know what good carne adovada tastes like. Not dry, really moist meat that falls apart and some spicy chile, yeah, you know what I’m talking about. So, if you’re a fan of Carne Adovada like I am, then you’ll love these! Some of these you’ll have to travel to, so be weary of these awesome restaurants while you’re passing through some of these New Mexico towns and cities. Some of them are likely to be near you, and some may already be your favorite.

We created a focus group of over 40 thousand New Mexicans and the ones who chose to participate came up with these thirteen amazing New Mexican restaurants that are supposed to serve the BEST.

We’re always skeptical of the results from these lists, as are most people. If you’ve tried one of the following restaurants and you disagree/agree, please feel free to leave a review in the comments section of the following pages.

13 Best Places to Find Carne Adovada in New Mexico


pereas carne adovada

Perea’s Carne Adovada Burrito smothered in Red and Green Chile, aka. Christmas Photo: I am New Mexico


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