Don’t Miss The 2016 Hot Springs Festival in Truth or Consequences – I am New Mexico

Don’t Miss The 2016 Hot Springs Festival in Truth or Consequences

2016_HotSpringsFestivalposter(April 21, 2016)—Anywhere you go, there are people who are on a spiritual quest; or maybe like to meditate? Regardless of what makes one feel at peace, there is a place in New Mexico that you can do that 365 days a year.

Despite anyone’s preconceived notions about Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, it’s a place where artists, eclectics and people who love the healing waters (that most people don’t know about).

As some of you may not know, Truth or Consequences was named Hot Springs, New Mexico, long before it was named T or C.

In efforts to boost tourism, the city changed it’s name to Truth or Consequences, the name of a game show with the promise that they would host the annual festival every year. As the game show lasted from 1940-1988, the name Truth or Consequences remained, and somehow the name Hot Springs, was lost.

For most of my life, I didn’t know that there were hot springs in T or C. Losing the name Hot Springs, New Mexico, may have actually hurt tourism more than boosted it. Anyhow, to make a long story short, there are a lot of things you DON’T know about T or C and this event would be the perfect opportunity to delve into the history of this remarkable small town and what they’re doing now. When we visited last year, we were encountered with some of the nicest people we’ve ever encountered and would love to revisit again. As for for you, Loyal New Mexicans, get out of the house and enjoy this fun-filled event.

Details Below:

Here is a partial listing of options for folks….

Hot Springs Festival update… here is more info about the weekend events, presenters, workshops, music and food.

May 13-15, 2016

“Come and take the waters”

This year’s festival honors the hot springs and promotes the cornerstones of Healthy Lifestyle, Alternative Medicine, and Sustainable/Green Living.


Friday, May 13th – Afternoon and Evening


~Crystal Labyrinth Walk

~Hidden Canyon Hike (moderate hike) 6 seats

~Keynote – Ancient Mineral Water: Hosted in Contemporary Times – Jane Abbott, President Balneology Association of North America (BANA
~Welcome Dance featuring the New World Drummers

Saturday, May 14th

~Guided morning hike of the Healing Waters Trail
~Live Music by Azima Anderson, Phydeaux 3, Rob Carey, Cactus Tractor, Elise Brianne, Double Clutchers, New World Drummers

~Vendors from 10am-8pm

~River Rafting

Workshops and presentations:
~ 7am – 2pm Art in Adobe with Francisco “Pancho” Ochoa -hands on demonstration (kid friendly) La Paloma – FOCH St. gate
~ 9am -11am 2pm -4pm Weaving with Caroline Kral – learn how to warp an inkle loom and Navajo-style loom, about the art of using cards to create patterns in weaving, and the history of weaving in New Mexico and around the world. Create a weaving on a simple frame loom. Explore pattern designing and colors from different traditional cultures. All ages welcome!! (kid friendly) La Paloma enter thru La Paloma Too bathhouse
~EcoBuilding by Catherine Wanek
~ 10am & 2pm Experience Aromatherapy/ Raindrop Therapy by Jeannie Nichols (kid friendly) You may also schedule private sessions w/ Jeannie through La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa Studio

Paloma Springs. Photo: I am New Mexico

Paloma Springs. Photo: I am New Mexico

~CranioSacral Therapy with Sydney Wilkes
~Worm Casting with Rand Berger
~Solar by George Szigeti
~Tincture Making by Yarrow Dankert
~The European Approach to Taking the waters by Dr. Joann Love, MD (Balenologist)
~Dog Yoga by Tamra Temple
~Untame Yourself by Rev. Azaima Anderson
~Sound/Vibrational Healing by Chris Slate
~Chakras and Reflexology by Kamy Shaw
~Healing Springs: The Importance to the Apaches by Chris Adams
~History of Healing in Truth or Consequences by Sherry Fletcher

~New World Drummers performance and workshop/dance

Other Activities:
~Massage/Reiki/Reflexology Area
~Children’s Activities
~Hot Springs Tours
~Hikes of Hidden Canyon
~Field Trip to the Crystal Labyrinth in Animas Creek
~9 am – 7pm Scavenger Hunt w/ prizes – pick up clues and return completed to La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa Courtyard
~ 4pm Flute Maker/Player Ingrid Burg – music and information (kid friendly) La Paloma Studio
~ 10am – 6pm Portraits by Leo Neufeld in Courtyard at La Paloma (kid friendly)
~ 2pm – 4pm Tai Chi Rod & Amy Sorrell
~Authors Corner
~ 6pm – 9pm Second Saturday Art Hop

Sunday, May 15th

~Community Breakfast and Keynote Speaker- Stormwater Harvesting and Conservation by Van Clothier
~Music Haruhuani Spruce
~Field Trip to Kingston’s Black Range Lodge Open House – Home of EcoBuilder and Author Catherine Wanek

Most events are free. Some will charge a nominal fee. Tickets for those events will go on sale April 21st. Schedule is subject to change.

The Solar Buzz ( will be providing rides from 9am-6pm within the City limits for only $1! Leave your car in an easy-to-park place and explore the Hot Springs. 575-740-1988.

For add’l info for vendors and questions there will be a phone number posted to the site below soon. For questions about events at La Paloma, please call 575-894-3148.

Click Here for more info and list of accommodations

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