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Barela’s Coffee House: Chicharrones Heaven

Barela’s Coffee House: Chicharrones Heaven


Fresh Tortillas and Butter / Chicharrones / Frech Fries (yeah, I know)

How is it possible that I have lived in New Mexico all of my life, yet I only tried chicharrones for the first time a month ago? I know, I know, you’re probably sitting there shaking your head at me as you’re reading this. Little did I know that these little bits of fried meat were SO amazing. I mean, seriously. So today for lunch I went with a few coworkers to Barela’s Coffee House, which is always a major favorite of mine. This time, however, I decided to steal a few chicharrones from my friend’s plate. It was all I could to not grab the plate and run. Guys, they were delicious! I, of course, got my usual Huevos Rancheros Deluxe with red and green chile. The chile is always spicy, the hash browns are cooked golden brown and to crunchy perfection, and the beans are super flavorful. It’s the only thing I’ve ever ordered from Barela’s Coffee House, although next time I go I think I’ll ask for a side of chicharrones. I mean, food is meant to be enjoyed, am I right? For anyone who loves New Mexican food as much as I do, I’m sure Barela’s Coffee House is already on your list of regulars, but if not, I highly recommend it. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and the food has never disappointed. I’ll be going back soon for my next chicharrones fix! I’ll see you there.


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