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5 Reason Why New Mexicans Do it Better

New Mexico, USA – When it comes to New Mexico, most people don’t know anything. Here are 5 reasons why New Mexicans do it better.

5. We Know What Good Food Tastes Like

Hatch Green Chile / Photo ©2018 I am New Mexico

Hatch Green Chile / Photo ©2018 I am New Mexico

New Mexico green chile is a culinary dream come true. Heat and Flavor, the grand combo, is something we eat with just about every meal. Bad thing is, it’s a hot commodity, especially if you don’t live in New Mexico anymore. You’ll have to pay a hefty price tag to get it shipped. So, keep your family and friends on speed-dial if you happen to be moving anywhere else in the USA. If you’re still living it up, in New Mexico, then you’ll have a happy appetite, and maybe a positive growing waistline, especially in the winter months. I know that I do, lol.

4. Mostly Everything We Do Requires Thick Skin

Photo: Find a Grave

It’s called the “Wild West”, for good reason. Just like any other species of animal, you adapt to your environment. If you’re not city folk, living in ABQ or SF, or any other small metropolis in New Mexico, then most likely you’re out in the field or ranching it up the way it’s been done for years. We have our fair share of roughnecks in our larger cities as well, so don’t bring an attitude you can’t back up ;). It’s been an earn your respect kinda habitat for a long time. If you’re a snob, you’ll probably have to stick to Santa Fe and Taos (Just kidding).

3. We have Good Genes

Acoma Pueblo is built atop a sheer-walled, 367-foot sandstone bluff in a valley studded with sacred, towering monoliths. Since 1150 A.D., Acoma Pueblo has earned the reputation as the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America.  The mesa-top settlement is known worldwide for its unique art and rich culture. 
A federally recognized Indian Tribe, Acoma Pueblo has a land base covering 431,664 acres and is home to 4,800 tribal members with more than 250 dwellings, none of which have electricity, sewer, or water. In 1629, construction began on the massive San Esteban del Rey Mission, a Catholic mission.  Both the Mission and the Pueblo are Registered National Historical Landmarks and are on the National Register of Historic Places.
Acoma Pueblo was named the 28th Historic Site by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) in 2007 and is the only Native American site to be designated. Acoma assists the NTHP to expand its preservation activities and mission beyond bricks and mortar and into community development. NTHP members receive a discount for the Pueblo tour by showing their membership card. (source: http://www.acomaskycity.org/)  / Photo: Acoma Pueblo / planetozkids

If your family has lived in New Mexico since it was New Spain, then most likely, you have Castillian Spanish or Pueblo Native Blood, or maybe even both. Not only does it make for a unique and beautiful culture, it makes New Mexico one of the oldest inhabited places in North America. Yep, this history predates the stuff they teach in Schools, unfortunately. We’re lucky to know our own culture anymore. Thankfully, there’s no way that you can do that here in New Mexico. We eat, breath, and live our culture every day.

2. We Have the Mountaineer, Built-in

Rio Las Vacas valley, Jemez Mountains. Photo: © I am New Mexico

Rio Las Vacas valley, Jemez Mountains. Photo: © I am New Mexico

From the low desert flatlands in the south to the high deserts in the north, our ever-beautiful landscape it flanked with picturesque views of high mountaintops. The only thing is, you have to go there to enjoy them, as well as the escape from the summer heat. Because of this, many of us are into hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, 4-wheeling, and the hap-hazard occasional road-trip to some place that you’ve never been. New Mexico is huge, so it’s basically an open playing field for the adventurer in all of us.

1. We’re New Mexican

Zia Symbol by I am New Mexico ©2016

That alone makes us special, and that’s Why New Mexicans Do it Better, Period. Enough said!