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10 of the Best Places in New Mexico to Go Backpacking in Spring/Summer

Among all the great things in New Mexico, the pure beauty is probably the most spectacular element you can think of. What better way to experience all of this than hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors? Experience New Mexico first hand. Get out and do something this spring!


1. Mount Baldy

Photo: Brittney Piescik, My Shot

Baldy Mountain is a peak located on Philmont Scout Ranch and is a part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in northern New Mexico. It is the highest mountain on Philmont and is also the highest in a subrange called theCimarron Mountains. According to list of john, Baldy Mountain ranks as the 25th highest and as 21st most prominent with 2,701ft of prominence. Formerly a site of fervent gold mining in the days of Beaubien and Miranda, the mountain and its surrounding lands eventually came into the possession of the Boy Scouts of America through a series of land donations that now comprise Philmont.

The mountain forms a gentle arc above the treeline which is comprised of loose scree. Climbing through this can be difficult, so it is best to stay on the trails if possible. To the northwest is a ridge which connects to the western face of Baldy, while ridges toward the south and east make for a fairly easy climb. Baldy’s neighbor, Touch-me-Not is around 300ft lower and can be ascended in the same day as Baldy via the south ridge. From the summit of Baldy Mountain, there are views of the Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area, the Truchas Peaks (Pecos Wilderness Area), Eagle Nest Lake, Latir Peak Wilderness Area, and even views of Colorado including Culebra Peak (southernmost 14er in Colorado) and the Spanish Fork Peaks. (Source)

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