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10 Things New Mexicans Can’t Wait To Do This Spring

(March 8, 2016)—Winter is about gone, and for the most us—we can’t wait to get out and enjoy all the things that New Mexico has to offer. Some New Mexicans live elsewhere and cannot enjoy these things. Well, not in the same way at least. And to everyone that knows New Mexico, they know there is nowhere else in the world like it. To add suspense, we separated them into a  slideshow.


10.) Go Fishing

jemez mountains santa fe national forest

Rio Las Vacas

If there’s one thing that many New Mexicans love to do, it’s fishing. Most of us, from a very young age, navigated the lakes, rivers and streams of New Mexico. With a variety of landscapes, from North to South, New Mexico has some of the most amazing places to go fishing.

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