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The Top 10 Taco Joints in New Mexico for 2016

(July 11, 2016)—When you’re out and about in New Mexico, whether it be a road trip or a short trip to the other side of town, most people are particular about the food they eat. A lot of the time in New Mexico, taco’s don’t get enough credit, and considering all the New Mexican food restaurants that serve such great food, that’s a high standard to live up to.

Speaking of high standards, sometimes different foods can stand up to the challenge. Some places claim to have a good taco, but there are some things about a taco that are supposed to be a certain way, especially regarding the taste of the seasoning and the meat.

While you can’t get a fish taco at all these taco joints (unfortunately), you can still get the classic  style taco, and in a very good way. Although there are dozens of good taco’s in New Mexico, there are some taco’s New Mexican’s prefer. Here are ten of them. And if you haven’t tried some of these places, I’m sure they’ll appreciate a visit. Enjoy!

Sí, Señor Tacos

Clayton, New Mexico

Si, Senor Tacos / Photo by Howard Shao

Si, Senor Tacos / Photo by Howard Shao

Like most things, the best isn’t easy to find. If you happen to find this taco stand, you’ll certainly have to stop and try. Sí, Señor Tacos are said to be the best in the region. Give them visit and show your appreciation for their excellent tacos.


1314 S 1st St
Clayton, New Mexico 88415


(575) 207-6101


Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner


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