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Pistol Pete’s Pizza: New Mexico’s Great Forgotten Crust

(April 7, 2016)—Albuquerque, New Mexico—A time long ago, there was a place where the crust was to die for, and the pizza, even better. Upon walking in, you’d see the stainless steel pizza trays flaunting their sizes— 10″, 12″, and 18″. A huge slide that looked like an elephant would be the first place us kids at the time would head for, after squeezing through, or over the railings to be the first down the slide.

As our parents would finish their transaction, we’d run to the corner of the grandiose building, where you could hear the chinging and clanking of arcade games and the calliope playing on the carousel. Who would be the first to get tokens from the token machine? Hoards of children would line up, anticipating the sound of their tokens hitting the coin tray after they slid the dollar bill into the machine, as their parents poured beers from their freshly tapped pitchers. pistol pete's pizza

Over the intercom you would hear your card number, “Ace of Spades”. After a few beers, your uncles would head to the counter to get the previously purchased green chile and pepperoni pizzas. For us children at the time, it was torture to be pulled from the arcade games, but it was from what I recall, “worth it”, because the pizza was so good.

It was a great place for families and friends. Hundreds of tables seemed to line the large room, some reserved for birthday parties. Chucky Cheese could only dream of such a set up. What ever happened to Pistol Pete and his cheesy commercials? Why aren’t there any places like this anymore? Before huge sitcoms and personal video games, this is what families did and definitely a great time to look back on.


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