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New Mexico Road Trip #3: Ruidoso


If you’re going to want to stay in Ruidoso, New Mexico in style, you’re going to want to stay at the Inn of the Mountain Gods on the Mescalero reservation nearby. Not only is it set in one of the most picturesque mountain valleys in the state, it also has one of the most prestigious golf courses in the state, not to mention amazing panoramic views. Did I mention that you can also gamble? The Inn of the Mountain Gods is home to one of New Mexico’s favorite Indian Casino Resorts?

A view from the Inn of the Mountain Gods / Photo by @thecocorambo

If you would rather stay close to town, and rent one of many cabins for a few nights, there are several that are very accommodating, such as the Ruidoso Lodge Cabins and the Dan Dee Cabins here in town.

Ruidoso Lodge Cabins / by @ruidoso_cabins

Inn of the Mountain Gods

Ruidoso Lodge Cabins

Dan Dee Cabins


If you’re coming to New Mexico, then you’re going to want to taste our world-class cuisine. You will most likely be asked the question, red or green? If you’re not sure, you’ll want to try both, which some in New Mexico like to call “Christmas Style”. Regardless if you like spicy food or not, you’re definitely going to want to bring an appetite, as there are places where you can get a more traditional American meal, such as Can’t Stop Smokin’ or Hall of Flame Burgers. As for me, I gotta have New Mexican food. Trina’s Cafe will have just what the doctor ordered.

Beautiful Ruidoso Sign at Can’t Stop Smoking BBQ / Photo by @tom_bennett_utah

An entire family enjoying Hall of Flame Burgers in Ruidoso / Photo by @shelbyraines3

Cafe Rio

Tina’s Cafe

Can’t Stop Smokin’ BBQ

Hall of Flame Burgers


New Mexico is one of the best places to enjoy the great outdoors. Many people travel here just to have that peace of mind. Not to mention that our population is really low. Which means more of the great outdoors, and fewer people while you’re trying to enjoy it. The folks at Happy Hiker Ruidoso will be able to tell you the best hikes in the area for your skill level. If you’re into a short day hike, then you can enjoy the trails that surround Grindstone Lake.

Hiking around Grindstone Lake in Ruidoso, New Mexico / Photo by @2lostinasafari

Happy Hiker Ruidoso

Grindstone Lake

Go Fishing.

Whether you’re the experienced fisherman or a beginning angler, Ruidoso will have just the fishing spot for you. You can go fishing at Seeping Springs Trout Lakes, where they can provide your rod, reel, and even bait. Or you can fish at Grindstone Lake and fish in a more conventional fashion.

Fishing at Grindstone Lake / Photo by @saricatking

Seeping Springs Trout Lakes

Grindstone Lake


Go Horseback Riding

If you’re a fan of nature, the outdoors, and all that comes with it, then horseback riding is right down your alley. Ruidoso is home to some of the best horseback riding in the state. You may even come across some of New Mexico’s wild horses while you’re at it. Don’t forget your memory book. We’ve listed a few of the many stables that will take you for a trail ride.

Grindstone Stables / Photo by @grindstonestables

Grindstone Stables

Runnels Bonito Stables

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