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Film Incentives Poll Results Show Overwhelming Industry Support

December 8, 2016

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Film Incentives Poll Results Show Overwhelming Industry Support

Santa Fe, New Mexico – During this pivotal time in our state’s ongoing legacy of filmmaking, Shoot New Mexico, a recently expanded local collaborative, has amassed some eye-popping poll numbers. The results conclude that 70% of those polled, in twelve different regions within New Mexico, support the film and television incentive program.

“During the General Election Cycle, we conducted polls for eight State House Districts and two State Senate Districts in addition to a Bernalillo County-wide poll and one for County Commission District 2. The total sample size responding to this question, which was the seventh or eighth question in each poll, totaled 6,196 with over 70% in support of the film credits and only 17% responding they opposed the film incentives. Nowhere polled was the support less than 2-1. These polls were conducted throughout the state, in competitive districts, with support being strong in every district polled. I believe with over 6,000 responses this is the largest sample ever polled on this or similar issue,” said professional pollster Mark Fleisher.

The results show that New Mexico Film & Television Industry is more popular statewide then has been determined in previous assessments. Almost three-quarters of those polled in a massive sample, from New Mexico’s largest county alone, believe in the importance of the continuation or expansion of film incentives. The results also provide additional support to anecdotal evidence that most people in New Mexico, either directly, through a friend or a family member, have had a positive experience with the industry.

This level of support aligns with the current influx of productions of all types and sizes, which have begun filming statewide throughout the year. A record winter production schedule is currently getting underway as a popular, annual industry event aims to meet the growing demand for qualified talent, crew, business services and vendors. The New Mexico Film Industry Tune Up is a year-end, collective outreach event which covers topics on several aspects of the local film and television industry. “Tune Up” refers to refining industry skills and knowledge, and runs from Friday, December 9, through Sunday, December 11, at the Center for Progress & Justice located at 1420 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe.

During Tune Up, the New Mexico Refundable Film & Television Tax Credit program will be discussed both in debate form and with a legislative panel on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Executive Director of Shoot New Mexico, Nani Rivera, invites everyone to Tune Up: “This is your chance to learn more about the industry from top working professionals, whether your interest is in the incentives, in expanding your business, or in starting and advancing your career in film and television. Casting sessions (with free headshots) will be held each day as well and includes you, your vehicles and your pets which are needed by several major movies and series shooting all over the state.”

In addition to the initial casting session, the event kicks off Friday, December 9 with Native Cinema Day, and features a Native American Outreach panel. This panel showcases indigenous talent and filmmakers who will share their experiences and industry know-how.

For a full schedule of events, panels and receptions, and for continual updates, visit

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