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Fall Colors in New Mexico

fall colors

Beautiful golden and copper colors are everywhere during fall in northern NM.

There is a nice article (excerpted below) about Craft Beer Hikes in Northern NM by New Mexico writer Jessica Lynn on Fundafeast …  there is a 25% off special on this Saturday’s (10/24) Craft Beer Hike by using promo code PP1025 at Prime Passages

(Excerpt from Fundafeast … )

… We all know drinking and driving is a big no-no, but what about drinking and hiking?  Small business Prime Passages is mixing two favorite pastimes in Los Alamos, New Mexico, with their new tour, “Craft Beer Hiking in Northern New Mexico,” and we think it’s going to be a huge hit.

Beer hikes aren’t entirely new — they’re pretty common in parts of Bavaria, and Germany, where hike leader Kevin Holsapple lived for several years while he was in the military — but he wanted to show the activity some love in America. “I love to hike and I love beer culture so this naturally became a favorite activity of mine. With the resurgence of interest in good beers in the US, it gave me the thought of seeing if there might be interest in beer hiking here,” he says.

Some areas in Bavaria have some of the largest concentration of small breweries in the world, and while America doesn’t have the density of breweries found in parts of Germany, the interest is here, so he’s running with it…or climbing with it, as the case may be.

While craft beer is trending across the country right now, New Mexico seems to have experienced a craft-beer boom in the past several years. According to the New Mexico Brewers Guild, there are more than five dozen breweries around the state, with more popping up all the time.

Craft Beer Hiking in Northern New Mexico visits one brewery and two pubs, all of which serve a variety of craft beer. At each stop, the beer hiking enthusiast gets to try a flight of beers, so they can taste and sample a selection of the local brews. The two pubs offer a variety of micro-brews (it’s possible to sample 15 different microbrews over the course of the tour), and the cool thing about visiting the brewery is that you get more than just a tasty drink — you get a fun experience, and you get to learn about the local community.

One of the stops along the hike is at Bathtub Row Brewery, and besides just having a really cool name (it’s located next to one of the most influential, but unknown streets in America), it’s one of the country’s only co-operatively owned breweries.

Image courtesy of the BrewTub Blog

Co-op members actually own a share of the business and have a say in how the brewery and taproom operate. Kevin is a lifetime member of the co-op, and he explains that this particular co-op is a form of crowdfunding that existed long before the current crowdfunding trend, but that they also utilized current-day crowdfunding campaigns to help their fundraising and marketing.

But back to the hiking segment of this tour: Los Alamos, located about 40 minutes north of Santa Fe, is a historic town, situated at more than 7200-feet in altitude, and is nestled between gorgeous scenery. The roughly six-mile hike weaves its way through mountain and canyon terrain. Craft Beer Hiking in Northern New Mexico, says Kevin, “Gives a great orientation to trails, venues, and scenic beauty in Los Alamos that otherwise might remain a mystery.”

Beer and hiking enthusiasts are encouraged to attend a tour, so they can get to know the beauty of the state, and the delicious brews New Mexico is …  (read full article here)

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