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Dion’s Just Got better?!?! Check Out These HUGE Salad Upgrades

Chances are you’ve been to Dion’s this week. It’s almost impossible to resist the urge and Ranch Dressing has become part of every New Mexican’s diet.

It’s equally impossible to name just one favorite menu item. And, since Ranch goes with everything, we don’t have to limit ourselves.

Well, that part of life just got harder…or better. Or both.

Dion’s Chef Salad w/ Ranch

Stopping in for your usual slice of 505 or your Friday night Duke City or your Ranch fix now also comes with better, and dare we say irresistible, salad options.

Some may find it hard to get excited about salads. We get it.

But let us remind you this is Dion’s we are talking about.

We guarantee you are not just going to consider, but crave, these upgraded salads on your next visit.

Let’s start with the new Southwest Chicken Salad. A true link to the regional roots of Dion’s and a reflection of its upbringing, the highlights here are avocado, black beans, chicken, and corn. It’s matched with the Green Chile Ranch Dressing. This salad is fire! Way to go, Dion’s…you did get your start in the Southwest after all and this new salad really hits home.

Dion’s Southwest Chicken Salad with Green Chile Ranch

You heard right, now there is avocado. The obsession with avocado is real and, as such, you can add it to any menu item your heart desires. Spreadable and edible, it makes perfect sense to give your sub order a little extra flavor and healthiness. Simply ask for the addition of avocado on your sub and savor in its glory.

If you’ve been going to Dion’s since the late 1970s when the joint first opened, you’ll recall the round croutons. They are back. We repeat, they are back. This is not a drill. These tasty circles of crunch aren’t going anywhere this time and are now THE crouton.

Not to be outdone by the new croutons, but the go-to Chef and Turkey salad options now come with bacon. We aren’t sure why Dion’s hasn’t thought of this before, but we’re glad they have now.

Beyond this, Dion’s has also refreshed their lettuce blends (think, more wholesome) and improved its bowl options (think, easier to eat).

Remember how we said it’s hard to get excited about salads? Leave it to Dion’s to find the way. These upgrades and new options are game changers. Come to your closest Dion’s location, and order one today!

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