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Chaco Grill in Cuba, New Mexico

Chaco Grill Cuba, NM – Normally, at a gas station, you wouldn’t expect there to be such good food. When I say good food, I’m talking homemade good, not gut grenade good, like other NM gas stations. The fact of the matter is that New Mexico’s towns and villages are usually sparsely populated or really far apart. Basically, the American Outback. That means most of the time, you’re going to have to stop at these places while you’re on a road trip. This place, you’ll be glad that you did.

Back to food, Chaco Grill serves us some of the best carne adovada burritos in the state, among other great items on their menu. If you don’t believe me, go there yourself. If you have a big appetite, get two of anything on the menu. So delicious!!!

Chaco Grill Menu / Photo © I am New Mexico

Chaco Grill

Address: 6454 Main St, Cuba, NM 87013
Tuesday 5AM–9PM
Wednesday 5AM–9PM
Thursday 5AM–9PM
Friday 5AM–9PM
Saturday 5AM–9PM
Sunday 5AM–9PM
Monday 5AM–9PM
Phone: (575) 289-0338

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