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Albuquerque Hopfest 2016

Albuquerque Hopfest 2016—(August 31, 2016)—It’s no secret that Albuquerque is a flourishing beer town, with breweries popping up as nearly as often as makeshift movie and TV show sets appear up and down Central Ave. I can’t even keep track of all of places that make beer. And that’s sad, because I love beer.

2016 Albuquerque Hopfest - Photo by Zachary Mayne (15)

2016 Albuquerque Hopfest – Photo by Zachary Mayne

            With this preponderance of establishments producing barrels of delicious liquid made from milled grain it follows that there would be beer festivals. And while none have been as entertaining as the one featured in the classic comedy Beerfest (which by the way, was filmed here) there are some great events for local beer connoisseurs.
            One of the most recent was the 2016 Albuquerque Hopfest, an event that has endured for years. This year it was held on August 27th at Isleta Resort and Casino, some 20 minutes South of downtown ABQ on I-25. Billed by its organizers as a charity fundraiser, this is a very well organized event by any definition. Drinking beer for a good cause? Sign me up!
            When we got our wristbands we received a bottle of water each as well as small glass for or beer tasting. Inside, the lines were minimal despite the place being packed with happy drinkers. We even arrived late and still had no problem sampling plenty of beer. Granted, by the time we arrived the crowd was, er, definitely having a good time. We started out with a delicious sample of Marble Brewery’s White Out and their Stout, both of which were delicious. Other local standout breweries included Tractor, Kellys, Firkin, as well as newcomers Quarter Celtic. In addition to the 70 breweries in attendance (according to the organizers) there were also local artisans selling handmade goods. Imbibe, New Mexico’s only smoking establishment, was on hand as well with their cigar rolling expert who was rolling cigars for attendee of the festival. Add in live music and a large dance floor and there was just about something for everyone.

2016 Albuquerque Hopfest - Photo by Zachary Mayne (13)

2016 Albuquerque Hopfest – Photo by Zachary Mayne

            With beer brewers from California, Colorado, Vermont, Washington, Texas,Alaska, Ohio, Ireland, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, New York, Hawaii, Mississippi and of course most importantly New Mexico this is a must attend festival for anyone in the area who loves beer. See you all there next year!

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