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2 Time Couture: The Good Stuff, For a Good Price

(April 14, 2016)—Good afternoon all! As some of you have probably seen, we are expecting a new staff member in late August. That’s right, IAMNM is having a baby boy! And we seriously could not be more thrilled. Between doctor appointments, picking out baby clothes, planning the nursery, and working full time, we’ve had our hands full preparing for this little chimichanga to arrive. However, one thing I wish I had more of is quality maternity clothing. As you ladies know, a pregnant body is a constantly changing body, and many of my favorite pieces just aren’t fitting me right now. So you can imagine my happiness when I walk into 2 Time Couture during my lunch hour today (don’t worry, I’d already eaten lunch), and found three pieces that will be amazing during pregnancy, and after! While they don’t specifically have “maternity” clothing, they do have a large selection of amazing clothing, at varying sizes.

2 time couture 2

All I had to do was peruse clothing in a size or two larger than what I’d normally wear, and hello amazingness! Their clothing is secondhand (hence their name), yet everything is in new condition and the prices truly can’t be beat.

2 time couture 3

The lovely young ladies that work there are always quick to help and the atmosphere is very laid back and comfortable. If you haven’t yet shopped at 2 Time Couture, I highly recommend we plan a ladies outing one of these afternoons and we can shop our little hearts out! You better believe I’ll be going back very soon (i.e. tomorrow) to find more little gems to add to my collection. And I hope you will, too! You will not be disappointed.




600 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102




(505) 242-3600

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