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10 Things That Would Improve Albuquerque’s Deteriorating Infrastructure

(October 27, 2015)—Albuquerque, New Mexico—With all the things happening in New Mexico right now, mainly Albuquerque, it’s obvious that there’s a big problem that needs to be addressed. Whether it be the lack of jobs, education, or lack of programs to rehabilitate people that need rehab, it’s really not an excuse for the violence New Mexicans have been causing against one another in recent days. The killing of an innocent child, a brutal shooting of a police officer, an estranged Walking Dead viewer killing his friend.

What the heck is going on New Mexico?


Have we become so entranced in today’s media that human life has no worth? In a society geared to make one judge, point fingers and retaliate violently, we have definitely seen a decline in Albuquerque’s overall social structure over the years and in order to make a difference, we must first be aware of what it is that is the problem first, then we must come up with a solution. Yes, we all have different opinions, ways of living, but among all these things, the thing that we have in common is that we are all part of the same community. We all come from different walks of life, but without acceptance for our differences, we cannot thrive as a community as other large cities in America do.

Beside the fact that people need to accept peoples differences, people need to stop hating other that have more, or at least appear to have more. Not everyone was born with riches. Some wealthy New Mexicans started dirt poor, which means no matter who you are there’s always opportunity to grow as an individual.

So, stop the hate New Mexico and of equal importance, stop the violence. Surely hate and violence stem from something and it’s these things that must be repaired before you can get to the core of the issue. In the following pages, we’ve put together things that we consider to be part of the problem, or at least something that needs to be addressed to move forward. They are in no particular order:

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