Wondering where the best fall foliage is? Well, it's right here in your own backyard. | I am New Mexico

Wondering where the best fall foliage is? Well, it’s right here in your own backyard.

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September 01, 2015—If you’ve every wanted to know where you can see the best fall foliage, look no further. SmokyMountains.com has come up with a predictive and informative map, created by Wes Melton an engineer who developed algorithms that can compute various points of data, including historical temps as well as precipitation and any other sources of historical data.

“The Nationwide Predictive Foliage Map is unique,” says Melton. “It is one of the only fall maps that offers county-level prediction for the entire continental United States. The complex algorithm analyzes multiple meteorological factors and creates over 37,000 data points, which are displayed in an intuitive and interactive format for the user.”

“The map will help fall fanatics everywhere better understand when the fall season will arrive,” he adds. “Due to the drastic changes in temperature and moisture each year, the peak leaf season can occur at very different times each year.”

Last year, Taos was best in the country last year for it’s fall foliage, so make sure to get some spectacular photographs this fall.

Give the map a try and then plan you fall getaway accordingly!

Learn more over at SmokyMountains.com.

All images courtesy of SmokyMountains.com

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