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New Mexico’s Desert Fest 2016

(June 10th, 2016)—Sandia Casino’s multilevel parking garage was the venue for 2016’s NM Desert Fest, a two day car show and meet that was held on June 4th and 5th. One of the largest gatherings for New Mexico car enthusiast, the 2016 event boasted a strong turnout, with hundred of cars parked on the upper two levels of the casino’s parking structure. There were local businesses on hand like Motiva Performance and Oasis Vape, and a broad selection of cars, from VWs and Lamborghinis to BMWs and Ferraris. In previous years, the event has been held at a variety of venues, including the Balloon Museum. Staging the event at Sandia was an excellent choice by the even organizers, as the casino’s provides plenty of non-car related entertainment and things to do. NM Desert Fest improves with every year and provides a welcome respite from the muscle car and low rider scene that often dominates New Mexico car culture. Judging from the success of this years event, next year’s show should be even better.

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