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New Mexico Inspired Legs

Whether you’re a man or women, you’ll think that these are the best things that have ever been invented, or perhaps already do. You’ll see women wearing them casually, to work out, at home, and a variety of different engagements. Leggings have become a staple in women’s apparel. These yoga pants, stretchy pants, leggings, or whatever you want to call them, are entirely made from scratch. They’re printed on a durable four-way stretch fabric, cut, sewn together, and made to order once you’ve made a purchase. How special! Handmade New Mexico inspired clothing, shipped directly to your door. To ensure super-fast delivery, our printing and shipping are handled by a third party. Although we receive a small portion of the profit, each order helps keep the wheels turning for I am New Mexico. With your help, in the future, we would like to open a retail location and potentially have someone in town handle the printing. Till then, this is the best that we can do.


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