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Fresh soup on a very fresh Albuquerque day

(April 12, 2016)-The weather in Albuquerque today is cold, windy and rainy. Where on earth did this come from? The only good thing about it is that I got in the mood for a big heaping bowl of soup. Where’s the best place to go for that just? Yup, you got it – Flying Star. Now this place has been around forever. But my first memory of Flying Star is their flagship restaurant, the Double Rainbow. Remember that place? I used to go there with my mom and get ice cream on a pretty regular basis, and it was delish! Since then they’ve of course expanded at a pretty rapid rate, and you can find a Flying Star or a Satellite Coffee all around town. Also, as an aside, my parent’s 20th wedding anniversary is in just a few weeks, and guess where they got their wedding cake all those years ago? That’s right! Good ol’ Flying Star.

But, back to my big heaping bowl of soup. Flying Star has specials that run every day, including a freshly made daily soup. Today’s tasty adventure was Tomato Bisque, and let me tell ya, it was absolutely incredible. They always use the freshest ingredients, and they keep it as local as possible. The soup was amazingly flavorful, and very satisfying. The perfect lunch on this uncharacteristically rainy and gloomy day. Now, if only I had a huge piece of chocolate mousse cake to finish off the afternoon! I wonder if Flying Star delivers…..

But don’t take my word for it. Go check out one of their many locations, and try any of their amazing menu items. You will not be disappointed.


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