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Fenton Lake, New Mexico

If you grew up in an around the northern parts of New Mexico, then most likely you’ve been camping or fishing in the Jemez Mountains. High up in the Jemez Mountains (7,650feet above sea level), you can find one of the most serene lakes in New Mexico. This past weekend was a treat, as the fish are super hungry. I couldn’t keep the bait on my hook for more than a minute. Needless to say, I was able to just about catch my limit in no time at all. Which is great! I’ve been here and haven’t gotten a bite, so it was refreshing to be getting constant strikes by the fish.

As it seems as though spring is here, right now is the perfect time to get out to the lake. So, get your fishing licenses (also available at bait shop nearby) and head out for the day.

Check out our video below to see our aerial footage. The reflection of the clouds on the water and all the people in motion, make it a great video to watch. There are also directions if you would like to visit Fenton lake.

Fenton Lake From Above / Photo by I am New Mexico

A mostly frozen Fenton Lake March 11, 2017

Directions to Fenton Lake

Fenton Lake HD Aerial Video Footage

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