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Cafe Bella. My neighborhood coffee shop

Cafe Bella

(May 13, 2016)— Cafe Bella, Rio Rancho —We all have our places to go get coffee or get our Sunday brunch and it’s hard to change. Once we get into a pattern, we become satisfied and set in our ways. Recently, though, I came across a little neighborhood place that made me rethink the chain-coffee that I have been addicted to. A place with enough charm and friendliness to make me give up the expensive, fancy coffee that I had settled on.

Cafe Bella Coffee

Cafe Bella Coffee

The little place is called Cafe Bella. I had heard of their coffee from friends who had had amazing concoctions like their chocolate peanut butter mocha or peppermint white chocolate latte but I had never tried the place myself. Finally, on a drive to the park with my son, I realized it was right around the corner in Rio Rancho. Finally a neighborhood coffee place that was locally owned! We went in and it was like the cafe was made just for me. There were bicycles used as decorations on the walls. There was a slight industrial feel, offset by flowers on the windowsills. There were old, leather couches where some regulars were reading the paper that was provided by the cafe. The barista was a really friendly lady who didn’t mind when my son took a while to decide what he wanted. There were so many reasons to immediately fall in love with this place.

This was before I discovered the food. Then the worth of the cafe doubled! As I am sitting writing, my mouth is watering thinking about the sriracha bacon sandwich. This concoction is eggs and bacon and green onions with a yummy sriracha mayo on this light but delicious bun that I think I devoured before my coffee was even ready. It might be the best breakfast sandwich that I’ve ever had. They also provide an actual breakfast sandwich on a bagel with bacon that my picky son also had no trouble eating. Their food menu sounds fancy for a little coffee shop but they make it seem effortless so it’s also welcoming.

They make you rethink the need for settling for a chain favorite by showing you that a local place can provide the same great coffee, food, and service. You can support a local business and you don’t have to sacrifice anything. It can be all gain. How lucky am I that its right around the corner?


2115 Golf Course Rd SE, 102, Rio Rancho, NM 87124



(505) 994-9436