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Are you a Local New Mexico Business?

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(October 29, 2015)—If you live in New Mexico, you know how important it is to support local businesses. This is what keeps us unique to the rest of the United States. By supporting local business you help build your own community and can insure that the money made by local business will be re-infused into the economy, not shipped off to some corporate office in California. Here at I am New Mexico we have sought out to help small to large businesses within New Mexico by offering a free listing service. By providing this FREE service, we hope to create an influx of revenue to your business. Being able to be seen by a variety of people in a variety of different places allows you to have more of a presence in the business community and more importantly, your community.


Yep, you heard it right! FREE listing services for New Mexico based businesses.

Are You a Qualified New Mexico Business?

  • Are you an artist or small to large business owner?
  •  Do you reside in New Mexico?
  •  Do you render your services in the State of New Mexico?
  • Do you want to increase your business revenue?
  •  Are you proud to be a New Mexican artist or businessman/businesswoman?
    If you answered YES to all these questions then you are eligible to become a registered I am New Mexico certified business. Once you are registered as a Certified I am New Mexico Business, you will be given a FREE business listing on the I am New Mexico website.

You’re probably thinking, big deal? When you become a registered I am New Mexico Certified Business, 250,000 unique visitors plus, will have access to your business details, not only to local New Mexicans, but to New Mexicans that live around the world. Each business type will categorized within the city you live as well as what type of services that you or your business perform. Each business listing will showcase your Business Name, Logo, What type of Company, Location, and your contact details, including a link to your website which is also a great tool for SEO if your business is online. You will also receive periodical business newsletters showcasing a variety of businesses throughout the state.

Rules & Regulations:

We do not list businesses that include:

  • adult material
  • hate groups
  • political material
  • religious material
  • human trafficking

We do list business that include:

  • non-profit for non-political causes
  • artists and craftsman
  • small to large businesses
  • internet based New Mexico companies

How do you Certify your local New Mexico Business for FREE?

Email the following information to

Your Business Name

Your Logo

Type of Business


Contact Details


If you need logo design or want an online presence, we can refer you to a reputable 3rd party which can accommodate your business needs.

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