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A new year, a new venture…

With the internet going to the toilet because some guy with a company with a big blue F decided to go net neutral on his own despite popular opposition from every person on the planet, you can assure you’ll be seeing more big brands and heavily opinionated media based on the same guy’s scheme as a capitalist, using you and your friends, family, and pages information to better serve their shareholders. It’s only a matter of time before the whole blue enchilada and Instagarbage pile goes belly up. After robbing Myspace and Twitter for their platform, then capitalizing on it, then they decided to rob every business owner in the world that was using a page to conduct business. Now, they’ll only be serving you big box brands, and that absolutely doesn’t include New Mexico, or I am New Mexico for that matter. You may have noticed that the term “Webpreneur” has been abolished as well as every web business magazine that existed. It’s unfortunate that anyone that has pursued digital arts may as well be a dog groomer or a courtesy clerk at wall mart… or better yet, go back to school, find out what a conformist society wants, then sell your passion and self-worth to be part of America’s consumer engine. As for me, I’ll remove my eggs from the big blue basket and do something else.

So, until these people get their hooks out of the public, and especially out of my back, personally, I’ll be doing something else on the side while keeping I am New Mexico going in the same manner as before.

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