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A little bit country, a lotta delicious – Vick’s Vittles Country Kitchen

As you know, I write most of my reviews about New Mexican food restaurants in various areas of our fine state. However, sometimes I come across a restaurant that isn’t exactly New Mexican food but is a local restaurant that has really special and unique fare. Enter, Vick’s Vittles Country Kitchen. Have you ever been? We went for the first time about six months ago, and we’ve been back plenty of times since. Every time we’ve gone, Vick has been the one to seat us! It’s always a treat to see his smiling face, and he really makes you feel like part of the family. When my husband and I went on Saturday, I ordered the corned beef hash and eggs. My mouth is actually watering right now just remembering it. It was so delicious! I don’t normally clean my plate, but you better believe I did that morning. My husband ordered the Rattle Snake, which consisted of two cheese enchiladas topped two eggs and smothered with red or green chile (he got both), and served with pintos. We basically stopped talking to each other as soon as the food arrived because it was just that good.

Vick has also done a fantastic job of helping to clean up that specific area of town (Central just east of Wyoming), and the changes are obvious. His commitment to Albuquerque and its residents is so refreshing and it’s much appreciated. My family and I will be going back again and again (maybe even this Saturday??)

So mosey on over to Vick’s Vittles Country Kitchen, you will absolutely not be disappointed. Keep up the fantastic work, Vick!


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