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12 Funny New Mexico MEMES That You Probably Haven’t Seen

(February 3, 2016)—We haven’t done one of these in a long time. Mostly because all you see are the same ones. Here are 12 Memes that we think that you’ll find funny.

Because We Love Our Dogs Better Than You

new mexico dogs be like

Even dogs get cold. So don’t leave them outside, or leave them in the car without a sleeping bag.

Because You Make Everything Burn

no glove, no love

What kind of person doesn’t use gloves while peeling chiles?

Wrap It Up, I’ll Take Itturkales

In New Mexico, we make tamales out of any meat you put in front of us.

Because G-ma Will Kick Our Butt

grandma fart

But it was sooooo loud.

“Nothing to see here!” It’s just Another Day in Roswell, New Mexico

meanwhile in roswell

The shenanigans! Don’t let aliens take advantage.

If You Want Food Zombies To Follow You

fry bread cologne

Why are all these people following me? Why do they all look hungry?

Because You Don’t Want To Get Caught Without It

winter chile stash

That’s definitely not enough for my appetite!

They Grew On Us, Now We’re Stuck

mike or saul

Who’s ready for the new season?

It’s Like What Salt & Pepper Is To Everyone Else

chile 365-24-7

You better believe it! Almost every meal.

Please, Keep Your Bra On

beards vs bras

I’ve seen women who can drive better with a beard.

What Else Is There To Use?

red chile gravyI use red chile as gravy for almost every meal!

And, If You Could Only See The Look On My Face

goat smelling green chile roasting

This is what we call fresh air, in New Mexico



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