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10 Staggering Raw New Mexico Facts That You Won’t Believe Are True


Art by Will Barnes

(August 5th, 2015)—We all know that New Mexico isn’t always on the top of the list. Some of us just ignore these statistics, some are part of the problem, and some are trying to change what is basically destroying our state from it’s core.

To be an element of change, you cannot look past all the things that you see that make “Home”, something that is not favorable for everyone. Instead, rather than judging harshly or ignoring it all together, try to help others, speak a few words of wisdom. Our children are our future, and their developing minds need a little more nourishment these days. Food for the brain rather than killing games. A day in the park instead of a day shoving your face with food and watching television.

Reality is what’s out that door folks and you’re either part of it, or want to change it. Most of this stuff happens too close to home, so do your part in educating your cousins, brothers, friends, nieces and nephews on being better as a person and developing values that will benefit them in the future. Here are ten Raw New Mexico Facts that you won’t believe:




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