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10 New Mexico Historic Sites That Most New Mexicans Haven’t Been To

(May 20, 2016)—Being the fifth largest state in the USA, New Mexico is very broad, vast, and the only state that closely resembles a square. Not only is New Mexico very large (121,589 sq mi), it’s main interstates only pass through very little. So, if you think you’ve seen New Mexico’s great sites, guess again. Unless you’ve ventured off the beaten path, most likely there are many historic sites that you haven’t been to, and possibly never heard of.

Pecos Pueblo / Photo: Will Barnes

Due to New Mexico’s diverse history, and it’s large size, there are a multitude of adventures that await anyone with a knack for mountaineering. The following ten historic sites are just a few of the many awesome New Mexico journey’s that you can trek while visiting New Mexico.

Each one offers it’s own special glimpse into the past. If you’re into history, geology, biology, hiking, camping and science, then maybe you ought to take the grand tour of New Mexico.

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